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    4yr ago I lost the most important person to cancer, 2 year ago next month my partner lost his dad, didn't get much time between diagnosis and him passing not even a week, now his mum has been given 12 months, he's devastated and I don't know how to help him. He's irrational at the moment I want to help but don't know how I don't want to upset him more or make things worse. 4yrs on I'm still greaving so god only knows what he's going through being faced with loosing both parents. What do I do ?

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    Hi Bubbles06,


    I am sorry to read about your own on-going grieving process and a further sudden loss, there is further information here about bereavement that you may find useful.


    We all react differently with news of a terminal diagnosis that you are both facing with your partners mum now. We are often told it helps to talk about feelings see here. However it can also be helpful to speak with someone else if it is difficult to speak directly to family and close friends.


    If either of you would like to discuss this with us in more detail or just need a listening ear you can contact our Freephone Support Line on 0800 090 2309.


    Best Wishes




    Marie Curie Support Line