Contrubution esa

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    06/01/2019  09:43

    I applied for contribution 3 weeks ago but still have not received any money yet. Can anyone tell me if this waiting time is normal.

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    07/01/2019  12:29

    Hello Stevens,


    Thank you for joining our community and for getting in touch with us. Here on the Support Line we aren’t trained benefit advisers, however we have some general information that we can share with you.


    Whilst we’re aware there can be a wait between starting a claim and receiving the first payment we’re unable to say how long this should take. You may find it useful to chat to a benefit adviser who may be better able to answer this question for you. One of the main organisations that have trained benefit advisers is Citizens Advice, you may like to read more about them and find a service local to yourself here: .  


    Have you also tried to follow up on your application? They may be able to let you know what stage your application is at. You can do this by getting in touch with the relevant contact on the website here: .


    We hope this information helps.


    Take Care,

    Bonnie – Marie Curie Support Line Team