Cant move on

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    01/03/2016  19:52

    My sister died of secondary breast cancer on Christmas day just gone. I miss her so much and cant get my head round the fact that i will never see her again. I keep reading our texts to each other. I feel like im carrying a massive weight every day and cant move on. I keep thinking whats the point of anything. I have a wonderful hubbie and 3 fantastic children and i feel guilty for feeling like this,but i dont know what to do.

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    Dear Jayne, 

    I’m sorry to hear about the death of your sister.  You’re bound to miss her a great deal.  Although it may not seem like a comfort at the moment, what you are feeling is natural and perfectly understandable, so please don’t feel guilty.  There is no definitive timeline with grief - all you can do is just take one day at a time. 


    When you’re feeling like this, it’s important to keep talking to your family and friends.  It may be useful to include your husband & your children when you’re thinking of your sister and relive some happy memories that you all shared. 

    We have lots of information on the website on dealing with grief that you can find here:

    If you would like to talk to someone you can contact the Marie Curie Support Line on 0800 090 2309.